About Us

About Us

Accurate Communications Corporation (ACC) started in 1994 as a music on hold provider. The music on hold industry in its infancy, was driven by tapes at first, then came CDs and then Accurate Communications helped begin a revolution.

With the advent of remote download technology, ACC quickly became a leader in the burgeoning MOH industry. With its brand EarGlue leading the way, for the first time ever, businesses could make changes to the messages their customers on hold were hearing without having to take any action.

In the early 2000’s, through discussions with their customers, Accurate Communications realized the value of providing In-store music and messages to work in concert with the music on hold. Thus, EarGlue Harmony was born as a best-of-breed in-store/ambient music and announcement system.

In 2012, we brought telecom veterans on board with over 20 years experience and launched our full service technology services distribution firm. We offer solutions from over 100 of the most respected carriers and solution providers in the world.

As the marketplace changes, Accurate Communications is an agile company, adding products to meet our customers’ changing needs. Our idea has always been to meet our customers’ needs–even as those needs change and move in a new direction.
Accurate Communications is a privately held, stable, and mature corporation with offices located in Memphis, Tennessee. Through its combined marketing and telecommunications services,  Accurate Communications boasts over 1,500 customers in all 50 states and Canada.



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