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Cloud Definitions

Cloud Definitions

The Cloud is a substantial transformative force impacting all areas of IT supply, composition, and consumption for all buyers and sellers. IT buyers are shifting steadily toward Cloud-also and Cloud-first strategies. In fact, IDC predicts that 70% of CIOs will adopt a Cloud-first approach by 2016.

Download this Cloud Definitions White Paper by IDC to learn how you can leverage public, private, and hybrid Cloud environments for a competitive advantage.

Buying Into the Cloud

IDC believes the next 20 years or so of business innovation will be based on third platform technologies, as literally millions of high value, industry-transforming solutions and services will be built on this new platform. Because the hallmark of the Cloud is flexibility and agility, it can be relatively low risk to try it out. Download this White Paper by IDC to learn how you can take advantage of low barriers to adopt Cloud computing with low financial investment.