Why should we use Accurate Communications instead of calling our phone or internet company directly?

Accurate Communications represents you, not the carriers, which means we put together the best solutions to meet your business needs. Plus, unlike a direct rep, we are not limited to the solutions and prices one company offers. We have lots of experience creating solutions and satisfied clients.

Is going through Accurate Communications more expensive?

Just the opposite; you don’t pay a penny for our services – – the providers you select pay us. We are a selling channel for the carriers and we happen to be less expensive than their own direct channel – – so they save money when they sell through us. Plus, we get carriers to compete for your business, driving the price down.

How does Accurate Communications offer better pricing than the carrier direct sales force?

Telecommunications is a competitive business and providers’ prices vary by channel – – we are a wholesale channel, with lower costs than retail. We get providers to compete for your business, which gets the prices lower than a direct rep will offer you. Additionally, we sometimes have access to unpublished promotions.

Will my bill come from Accurate Communications?

Accurate Communications is not a reseller. We are an independent agent (just like an independent insurance agent). Your service and billing will come directly from the provider(s) you select.

Do you sell computer or phone hardware?

In most cases, we do not. However some of our carriers and providers do provide the hardware as part of your solution. Primarily, we are voice, data, cloud, and disaster recovery and business continuity service specialists.

What happens if I need support?

Before your service is installed, we will track and coordinate the installation with you. Once service is installed and working properly, you will first contact your carrier/provider (i.e. AT&T, Comcast, L-3, etc.) However, if you don’t get a swift solution from the vendor, call us immediately and we’ll jump in on your behalf. We send so much business to the carriers that we can often gain a higher level of attention and faster resolution of problems, and we use that to your benefit.